| GDC Relief Fundraiser


What was the GDC Relief fundraiser?

With the news of GDC's official cancellation, many marginalized developers were facing the reality that they invested what sometimes comes down to years of savings into an event that would no longer happen. Developers around the world did not have a way to refund their visas, lodging, and travel costs. Many worried that they did not just lose the opportunity of attending the 2020 conference, but also the possibility to re-route the funds spent to other opportunities throughout the year. Other developers got stuck abroad due to lockdowns or flight cancellations, incurring hefty fees as they have to pay for lodging for an indefinite amount of time.

In response, gamedev.world announced a week-long public fundraising effort in collaboration with itch.io, starting March 27th until April 3rd. The event kicked off with #reliefjam: a game-jam, from March 27th-30th during which developers created new work, and added any creative work that they have previously created to a bundle of 170+ creative works donated by over 100 developers. From March 30th until April 1st, there was a livestreamed event promoting sale of this Relief Bundle full of games, assets, prototypes, and other creative work as a Pay-What-You-Want offering, and this bundle would stay available until April 3rd.

All $81,636.13 raised went to the GDC Relief Fund spearheaded by WINGS.